Baby Mammoth & Rocky Ridge Collab Brew Launch Dinner (WA)

Thu 22 Feb 6:30pm

Baby Mammoth & Rocky Ridge Collab Brew Launch Dinner (WA)

Two of WA's more innovative beer businesses have come together as one to create a rather unique beer.

The team from beer-centric Perth restaurant Baby Mammoth travelled to Rocky Ridge in the state's southwest to create, wait for it, a chutney beer.

As they explain: "This was a chance to do something different and stir the pot a little bit!"

The beer was created with Red Earth hops grown at Rocky Ridge Farm. This is a new Aussie variety that hasn't been used on a commercial level before. It's a new Australian breed we're told has "a decidedly spicy, woody aroma and flavour with a citrusy under note."

The beer's launch will kick off with a five-course dinner curated by the Baby Mammoth team with the following beers paired with chef Ryan Lambson's food:

  • Ace Pale Ale
  • Sour Buffalo
  • Dr Weedy
  • Inglorious Chutney
  • Crimson 

Rocky Ridge founder Hamish Coates will be on hand too.

Tickets cost $65pp with food and drinks included. 


NB: Dietary restrictions and requests will be difficult to fulfil. Please contact us before purchasing to ask us about arrangements.

Look out for a Beer Food piece featuring Baby Mammoth co-founder and chef Ryan before the dinner too.