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Events The Moose Strikes Back At Carwyn (VIC)

The Moose Strikes Back At Carwyn (VIC)
5pm 21 Mar, 2018

A long time ago (well, sometime last year anyway) Carwyn Cellars and Tallboy & Moose joined together to brew a luscious imperial stout by the name of Dark Side of the Moose. 

Although half was tapped at the Thornbury bar last August, the rest was split away to sleep a sweet sleep inside a bourbon barrel, quietly awaiting the perfect moment to resurface as The Moose Strikes Back.

While inside it's become uber-chocolatey with some added barrel vanillan creaminess and figgy fruitiness.

Carwyn will be tapping it on Wednesday afternoon along with a keg of the original Dark Side and the Apritang apricot sour, also brewed by the Preston brewpub.

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