Events Bucket Boys Launch 'The Sausage Queen' Boss Ale (NSW)

Bucket Boys Launch 'The Sausage Queen' Boss Ale (NSW)
6pm 19 Apr, 2018

In true Inner West Sydney style, Marrickville's Bucket Boys has teamed up with Dulwich Hill's The Sausage Factory to create the Bucket Boys ‘Sausage Queen’ Boss Ale.

Named after Chrissy’s Cuts founder and co-owner of The Sausage Factory, Sydney’s ‘Sausage Queen’ Chrissy Flanagan, the beer pays tribute to all unconventional bosses and sausage queens alike.

We're told the beer doesn't quite fit into any category, though it remains both approachable and sessionable. 

The best way to find out how it tastes is to head along the the beer's launch on April 19, where there will also be a limited run of 'Boss Saus' sausages made to complement the flavours of the beer.

It's a free event, but you can register and get yourself a cheap beer by following the link below.


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