Events Double Haze For Days At Bucket Boys (NSW)

Double Haze For Days At Bucket Boys (NSW)
6pm 20 Apr

Hazy, New England, Vermont, call it what you want, the love for those juicy IPAs shows no sign of abating.

But for some, regular New England IPAs aren't enough, which is why you've got to go for the double. 

Marrickville's Bucket Boys has managed to get its hands on a number of bigger beasts from the States and is holding a tasting of four of them.

The beers are: 

  • Tree House Doppelganger
  • Tree House Haze
  • Tilted Barn Cactus
  • Other Half Universal On All Planes

It's a ticketed tasting, with the usual discount for members of Bucket Boys' White Whale Society.


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