Events Mad Hatter & Fierce Beer Tap Takeover at Hotel Sweeney's (NSW)

Mad Hatter & Fierce Beer Tap Takeover at Hotel Sweeney's (NSW)
May 25th 2018, 12:00

One's from Merseyside, the other's from Granite City and both will be hitting the rooftop in Sydney this Friday. 

Head up to Hotel Sweeney's where you'll find a joint twelve tap takeover from Liverpool's Mat Hatter Brewing Company and Aberdeen's Fierce Beer that will feature everything from refreshing tzatziki sour to super chocolately chocolate stouts.  

Even though what typically passes for a Sydney winter remains at bay, they've gone to the trouble of hauling heaters up to the roof and have blankets so you can get cosy and settle in for the evening with these friends for company...

Mad Hatter

  • Tricky Flamingo – Raspberry Lager
  • Tzatziki Sour – Sour
  • Penny Lane – Pale Ale
  • Toxteth – IPA
  • Choco Choc Choc – Chocolate Stout


  • Very Berry – Raspberry & Blackcurrant Sour
  • Tangerine Tart – Sour
  • Easy Shift – Session Pale
  • Day Shift – APA      
  • Split Shift – IPA
  • Cranachan Killer – Raspberry Oat Pale
  • Moose Mousse – Chocolate Milk Stout

There's only one keg of each beer and they'll each be tapped at midday. 

Crafty Cabal Member offer at Hotel Sweeney's: Pints at Schooner Prices

Photo above pinched from Mad Hatter's Facebook page. 

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