Events Paddock to Plate Brewer’s Feast at FogHorn (NSW)

Paddock to Plate Brewer’s Feast at FogHorn (NSW)
6:30pm 12 Jul, 2018

It’s not so much a story about a piggy went to market, more one about where it went instead. 

The FogHorn team has been sending spent grain from its brewery out to the Coquon Farm in the Hunter Valley to be hoovered up by the grateful local swines. 

In an act of circuity, the farmers are returning the favour by sending the meat from a carefully butchered beast back to the brewery where the chefs will be serving up various cuts as the pièce de résistance at a veritable brewer’s feast. 

Hosted by FogHorn’s Chief Brewing Officer, raconteur and generally knowledgeable fellow Shawn Sherlock, you’ll be taken on a journey from paddock to plate via a number of courses accompanied by several fine beers brewed on site. 

Seats at the table are limited, thus bookings are essential. You can make one by contacting the venue or just reserving one online here

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