Events Crafty Cabal Exclusive: Blasta Brewing Tour & Tasting (WA)

Crafty Cabal Exclusive: Blasta Brewing Tour & Tasting (WA)
6:30pm 23 Nov, 2018

Friday evening brewery tours are becoming something of a ritual for The Crafty Cabal at WA Beer Week now.

Following Feral and Nail in 2016 and Nowhereman last year, we're inviting supporters who've signed up to our beer lovers bonus scheme to join us at Blasta in Burswood on November 23.

Founder Steve Russell will take us for a tour of his impressive brewery and guide us through a tasting of his beers.

We'll put on some food too and will bring a little take home gift along for members too.

The cost is... free and you can bring a mate too. Just enter their details when registering in your member's area.

We'll be kicking off at 6.30pm so hopefully that's enough time to make it across for Friday knockoff beers.

See you there!

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