Events Live Brew Night At Reub Goldberg Brewing Machine (NSW)

Live Brew Night At Reub Goldberg Brewing Machine (NSW)
3pm 21 Jun, 2019

Like the cartoons its name references, the Reub Goldberg Brewing Machine is no straightforward brewhouse.

The fully manual, gravity-focused system takes a lot of time, know-how and manual skill to run but also requires less power than most breweries and looks very cool when it's running too.

If you want to see just how cool the custom-designed Brewing Machine looks, the brewery is hosting a live brew event on June 21.

Being the Winter Solstice (and probably very cold) Reub Goldberg will be brewing a batch of their porter. It means you can see how it's made, enjoy the roasted aromas and come back three weeks later to drink the results.

The team will be mashing in just after opening at 3pm and finishing up just as it's time to close at 9pm.

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