Events Põhjala Brewery Australian Premiere Tap Showcase At The Taphouse (NSW)

Põhjala Brewery Australian Premiere Tap Showcase At The Taphouse (NSW)
6pm 23 Aug, 2019 to 11:55pm 24 Aug, 2019

The Baltic Sea appears to be some sort of muse for good beer – after all, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden all touch the body of water, and produce some top quality brews. 

Põhjala Brewery, the highest rated brewery in Estonia, is just a stone's throw from the Baltic Sea, and seems to have soaked up that same inspiration.

Põhjala is famous for its dark beers, and has been under the guidance of ex-BrewDog head brewer Chris Pilkington for the past seven years.

On August 23 and 24, The Taphouse is introducing Põhjala to Sydneysiders for the first time, showcasing some of their top rated stouts and porters – with a couple IPAs and sours to round out the tap list.

Come have a taste of Estonia with the following:

  • "Öo" Rich Imperial Baltic Porter
  • Cellar Series "Pime Öö PX" Sherry Barrel Aged Imperial Stout w/ Berries and Plums
  • "ÕHTU" Silky Smooth Milk Porter
  • "Vahtra (Barrel Aged)" Bourbon Barrel Aged Oatmeal, Maple Syrup & Berry Stout
  • Põhjala Brewery/Coppertail Brewing Co (US) "Collusion Course" DDH Sour NEIPA with lactose and Guava
  • "Karneval" Imp. Desert Stout W/-Vanilla, Coconut, Rasp. Passionfruit
  • "Cocobänger" Imperial Coconut Imperial Porter
  • "Must Kuld" Silky Smooth Milk Porter
  • Põhjala Brewery/Boneyard Beer (US) "Bag of Bones" Old School West Coast IPA
  • "Prenslauer Berg" Raspberry Berliner
  • "Orange Gose" Orange Juice Gose

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