Events Haunted Taphouse Halloween Weekend At The Taphouse (NSW)

Haunted Taphouse Halloween Weekend At The Taphouse (NSW)
6pm 31 Oct, 2019 to 11:55pm 2 Nov, 2019

"On the morning of March 8, 1907, Anastasia, licensee of the pub now known as The Taphouse was cleaning a pair of gloves with benzine, when a nearby candle set her entire body up in flames. She died a short time later from her burns, on the floor in what is now Odd Culture, and legend has it she still walks the corridors to this day, blowing out candles and slamming doors."

If this isn't a good reason to run a haunted house event this Halloween, we don't know what is.

From 6pm on Thursday, October 31, to November 2, you can head to The Taphouse for an urban-legendary weekend. The Haunted Taphouse will include three levels of abomination decorated with the help of Sydney Prop Specialists: the Rooftop Graveyard, the Odd Culture Asylum, and the Ground Floor Haunted Crop Field.

While the spirits are draining the life out of you, you can fill up on ten specially-brewed beers based on Halloween candy, including a Banana Chupa-Chup Milkshake IPA from 3 Ravens, a Grape Nerds sour ale from Wayward, a sour pumpkin spice slushie beer from Nomad, and an oak brandy barrel-aged "candied apple" cider from Garage Project.

There'll also be roaming performers and live DJs to keep the atmosphere ghastly, a Halloween cocktail list (think blood bag cocktails, test tube shots and jelly eyeball shots) and food specials running all weekend, so no matter what goes on in this mansion of morbidity, at least you'll die happy.

Crafty Cabal Member offer at The Taphouse: $10 Tasting Paddles Every Day!

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