Events Brewmanity Beer Market Pop-Up In South Melbourne

Brewmanity Beer Market Pop-Up In South Melbourne
11am 26 Oct, 2019 to 5pm 27 Oct, 2019

When opportunity arises, grab it with both hands...

When a mate of the Brewmanity team revealed he had an outdoor space at the George Hotel in South Melbourne available while the venue was being refurbished, they said they'd help fill it.

The timing was perfect too – their 2019 summer seasonal, the Yuzu & Citrus Sour you can read about here – was ready to roll.

So, any beer lovers heading to South Melbourne on October 26 and 27 will be able to join David Neitz and his team as they launch their new beer and sling cans of their Social Beast and Tango & Splash opposite the iconic Market.

The Saturday is also the first Indie Beer Day, with drinkers invited to raise a glass to the country's independent brewers at 2pm AEDT. In keeping with the theme, the Yuzu & Citrus Sour will only be available from independent retailers.

But, if you'd like to try it in the company of the people behind it, the Brewmanity Beer Market is the place to be. It's open from 11am to 5pm both days. And there's a free beer for any Crafty Cabal members that head over – just show Neita or Foxy the offer in your member's area. 

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