Events Saccharomyces Fourth Birthday & Collab Beers Launch (QLD)

Saccharomyces Fourth Birthday & Collab Beers Launch (QLD)
12pm 23 Nov, 2019

They're not sure exactly when it was they first opened the doors of their Fish Lane home to the public. But why let semantics get in the way of a good time? 

Because that's what the crew at Brisbane's Saccharomyces Beer Café have been doing with aplomb ever since, showcasing great beer – 1180 unique beers have been poured and more than 800 others have graced their fridge - serving up delicious grub, and putting on fun events.

So, while the exact date they opened remains shady, the day they're celebrating four years of operation doesn't.

It's happening on November 23, which will see them tapping some "crazy good brews" they've been squirrelling away and launching a couple of new collabs they've created with Brouhaha (the CPR NEIPA: a coconut, pineapple and raspberry, double dry-hopped NEIPA) and Semi-Pro.

They say you should keep your eyes out for some SBC beer tokens that are floating around: get your lucky hands on one of these bad boys and the beer is on the house!

Crafty Cabal Member offer at Saccharomyces Beer Café: Free Pot Of House Beer With Any Meal

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