Events Institute of Brewing & Distilling Virtual Convention 2021

Institute of Brewing & Distilling Virtual Convention 2021
8am 23 Feb, 2021 to 4:30pm 24 Feb, 2021

It's a funny world, isn't it. 

When the 2020 IBD convention in Perth got cancelled due to some emerging virus that seemed set to pose a few problems, science was little more than a passing interest for most people. Fast forward a year and scientists are the new rock stars, helping us plough a way through a murky world with their beautiful facts about how stuff works. And that makes this year's IDB gathering a bit like Glastonbury for anyone interested in the technical details of making good booze.

The 2021 gathering is happening on February 23-24 and it's entirely online, meaning you can dial in from anywhere. Should you do so, you'll be beaming in an absolute avalanche of top speakers covering a fantastically diverse range of subjects. 

You want to hear from local brewing legends like Phil Sexton and global doyens like Charles Bamforth? They got 'em. Need to know something about barley breeding in an environment of sustainability? How about the application of metabolomics and genomics in hop breeding? Or perhaps a session on digital transformation in brewing and distilling? There really is something for every inquisitive mind.

You can find the full lineup of speakers and sessions, plus ticket details, on the IBD website.


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