Events Jester King X Cascade at Brewski

Jester King X Cascade at Brewski
3pm 6 Mar, 2021

Consider this your license to get absolutely wild because Brisbane's Brewski has brought in a couple of the biggest names in US barrel-aging and blending for an evening of indulgence and intrigue.

On Saturday March 6 they'll be tapping seven sought-after wild/blended/re-fermented beers from Texas brewery Jester King and Oregon's Cascade Brewing. And, really, those details should be enough to have you cancelling any other plans you had. 

With that, here's what you'll be able to enjoy:

Jester King

  • Nocturn Chrysalis – Barrel-aged wild ale re-fermented with blackberries
  • Grim HarvestFarmhouse ale re-fermented with "spent" blackberries from Nocturnum Chrysalis
  • La Vie en Rose – Dry un-spiced farmhouse ale re-fermented with raspberries from Atrial Rubicite
  • El Regalo del Comal - Blend of 4,3 & 1 year old spontaneously-fermented beer, coolshipped at la cruz de comal winery


  • Nectarine Dream ’19Sour blond/wheat ale blend aged in oak wine barrels for up to 14 months with fresh nectarines and late infusion of nectarine and peach noyaux
  • Bourbonic Plague - Strong dark porter blend aged in oak, wine and Bourbon barrels,  blended with a vanilla bean & cinnamon dark porter
  • Mayan Bourbonic Plague – Bourbonic Plague infused with raw organic Peruvian and Dutch cacao powder, cinnamon & cayenne pepper 
  • Vlad the Imp AlerCombination of quad and blond ales aged in bourbon and wine barrels for up to two years with orange peel and coriander

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