Events Ocean Reach Artist Series Launch Events (VIC)

Ocean Reach Artist Series Launch Events (VIC)
4pm 7 May, 2021

Ocean Reach have been steadily gathering pace from their base on Phillip Island, both in terms of the expansion of their operation and also the rate at which they've been releasing new beers in their eye-catching cans.

Ahead of Good Beer Week 2021, when they'll be one of the Victorian breweries showcased at the Cherry Tree in Cremorne as part of Pint of Origin, they're warming up with the launch of two Artist Series beers.

Both are IPAs, but rather different from each other, and both feature the work of Joel Ebsworth, who head brewer Simon Bismire first met back in 2019 at Cottonmouth Records in Sydney.

And for two beers come two launches: one at the Ocean Reach Taphouse, Cowes, from 4pm, and the other at the Cherry Tree from 7pm.

The first release is Oat Cream IPA, which comes double dry-hopped with Citra and Azacca at 7.2 percent ABV, while its partner in crime is Sour IPA, based on the Oat Cream but with lactobacillus adding a puckering finish.

"I was very influenced by pop-surrealism, cyberpunk art, and dystopian vibes," Joel says of his designs. "I like to keep it playful, and border on the line between fun and weird. This can be seen with the cheekiness of the penguin character navigating the interstellar explorer."

The Ocean Reach Taphouse is at 47 Thompson Avenue, Cowes.

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