Events Black Hops Brisbane First Birthday

Black Hops Brisbane First Birthday
12pm 6 Nov, 2021

You can't imagine that opening a taproom in the midst of a pandemic would have been part of the original business plan, but the world keeps turning, the beers keep pouring and, like sands through the hour glass, Black Hops Brisbane is suddenly one year old. 

To mark the occasion, they're inviting you to come and join them in Manilla Street on Saturday November 6 where you'll be able to tuck into not one, not two, but three new special release beers.

They'll have a limited edition t-shirt up for grabs, plus other giveaways which, in the interests of equal opportunity, will be dished out throughout the day, meaning there's no bad time to pop in and raise a glass to a momentous first year. 

Doors open at midday.

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