Julebryg Day at Denmark House

Fri 26 Nov 6:00pm

Julebryg Day at Denmark House

J-Day may not have quite the same recognition as other days of significance on the local beer calendar, but the folk at Denmark House would like to help change that. 

You see, "J-dag", as the Danes call it, is the day upon which Danish breweries start selling their julebryg, or Christmas beer. And for the past 40 years the familiar name of Tuborg has been at the forefront of the celebrations and has used the occasion to launch its traditional seasonal offering. 

Given last year was a bit of a washout from a global perspective, Denmark House is pumped to have brought the 2021 version of Tuborg Julebryg in from Europe, which they'll be launching alongside their very own Christmas collaboration, created with Burnley Brewing.

If you'd like to join the Danish festivities, just book yourself a ticket to one of the two events they've got lined up, on November 26 and December 3. 

Tickets cost $35 which includes finger food and your first julebryg. At the time of writing, there were only a handful of spots for the first session remaining, but you can check what's available and make a booking here.

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