Events NZ Hops Great Brew Challenge Tap Showcase at Carwyn Cellars

NZ Hops Great Brew Challenge Tap Showcase at Carwyn Cellars
12pm 6 Feb, 2022

Over the past few weeks, a stream of limited edition beers have been slowly but steadily making their way out into the world. The unifying theme has been that each of the brewers involved was invited by NZ Hops to showcase one of just five hop varieties under the banner of the Great Brew Challenge [you can get up to speed with the concept, including a virtual tasting on February 5, here].

Now that all the beers have been made, it's time to settle the challenge once and for all with an epic 27 tap showcase at the home of all things massive and marvellous, Carwyn Cellars.

On the morning of February 6, a panel of judges will have gone through all the beers and voted on their top pick. From midday it'll be yours and the general public's turn to tuck into them and cast your vote. The winner of the 'official' Champion Beer will be announced at 3pm, and the People's Choice at 5pm. 

It's bound to be a fun and delicious exploration of local brewers' imaginations as they apply the same group of hops to an impressively wide variety of beers, as you can see...

  • Five Barrel – Nelson Sauvin Pilsner
  • Heroes & Villains – Moutere Summer Strong Ale
  • Inner North Brewing Co – Big Fish 
  • La Sirene – Wai-iti Saison
  • Moffat Beach Brewing Co – 7 Inch Single Hop Nelson Sauvin Saison
  • Noodledoof – Sour Feijoa Spritzer
  • Shedshaker – Hoppy Apricot Sour
  • Slow Lane Brewing – Barrel Fermented Sour Brett IPA
  • Tallboy & Moose – DDH Feijoa Lichtenhainer
  • Coastal Brewing Company – Cold XPA
  • TWØBAYS – Keen Wha Nectaron Hazy IPA 
  • Westside Ale Works – House of Learned Doctors West Coast IIPA
  • BlocknTackle – Motueka Mojito Steam Ale 
  • Burleigh Brewing – NZ Wai-iti Pils
  • Bridge Rd – NZ DDH HAZY IPA
  • Deeds Brewing – Centre Stage 
  • Hemingways Brewery – Nectaron Hazy Pale
  • Molly Rose – Nectaron NZ Hopped Kviek 
  • Mismatch Brewing – Oat Cream DIPA
  • Mountain Culture – Haw Haw! West Coast IPA
  • Range Brewing – No Place Like Moutere Pilsner
  • Sailors Grave – Really Really Really Bitter
  • Six String – Moutere Double Dip IPA 
  • Your Mates – DDH Sour
  • The Uraidla Brewery – Kinetic Illusion IPA
  • Working Title Brew – Lost Valley DIPA
  • Co-Consipirators – The Leader Cold IPA

Catchment- D
FB Propak B


Atomic Mango Sour- C
FB Propak B
Goat Blood Orange
Bendigo bottom