Beer Judging & Evaluation at Aunty Jacks

Sat 2 Apr 10:00am

Beer Judging & Evaluation at Aunty Jacks

There are few occasions where drinking beer at 10am on a Saturday leads to long-term positive outcomes, but here's one for the books. 

On April 2, the education-focused arm of Ballarat's Aunty Jacks will be hosting a Beginners Guide to Beer Evaluation session where their top-notch brewers will take you on a crash course in all that's good (and bad) about beer. 

Running the gamut from basic flavours to fundamental faults, you'll get to try at least 15 different beers from around the world while sending your sense of smell and taste to school – but in a fun way. 

This is the kind of session that'll be particularly valuable for anyone working in the beer industry who wants to boost their knowledge fast, home brewers looking to apply some critical evaluation to their craft, and anyone preparing for the Certified Cicerone exam.

Tickets cost $150pp and can be booked here.

Note: Hit that link and you can also book for these upcoming sessions:

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