Events Enter The 2022 Sydney Royal Beer & Cider Show

Enter The 2022 Sydney Royal Beer & Cider Show
5pm 1 Jun, 2022

The organisers of the Sydney Royal Beer & Cider Show have made some changes to the event for 2022, most notably in recognition of the rise of low and non-alcoholic beverages.

The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS) is introducing four new classes into the awards competition: Reduced Alcohol Beer, No Alcohol Beer, Reduced Alcohol Cider or Perry and No Alcohol Cider or Perry class.

This year also sees the mantle of chair of judges pass from Sam Füss to Ian Kingham, who was involved in the establishment of the Sydney Royal Beer & Cider Show back in 2006.

“After the successful addition of the Experimental & Specialty Cider and Perry Class to the Sydney Royal competition in 2021, I am delighted to introduce new classes for best ultra low alcohol exhibits in both beer and cider this year," he said as entries opened for 2022.

"Fast becoming one of the leading categories in the Australian and global market, I strongly encourage exhibitors to consider entering this class and develop their products.”

The 2022 Sydney Royal Beer & Cider Show features 44 classes with seven champion trophies up for grabs across Packaged Beer, Draught Beer, Experimental or Specialty Beer, Best NSW Beer, Champion Cider, Champion Perry and Champion Bottle Conditioned Perry or Cider.

Products are judged on appearance, aroma, flavour, style, technical merit, and the product's overall impression.

“On top of providing the opportunity for exhibitors to review and refine their products, the Sydney Royal Beer & Cider Show also aims to bolster the Australian industry through enhancing competition requirements such as the use of 100% Australian grown grain, apples, and pears, and 85% Australian ingredients for additional beer flavour,” Ian said.

Deadline for entries is June 1, 2022.


The Sydney Royal Beer & Cider Show is on July 19. All champion winning products from the 2022 Sydney Royal Wine, Dairy and Fine Food competitions will be eligible to enter one of the RAS’ most prestigious awards, the 16th Annual President’s Medal.

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