Events Black Arts Tap Launch at Molly Rose Taproom

Black Arts Tap Launch at Molly Rose Taproom
5pm 7 Jul, 2022 to 7pm 7 Jul, 2022

It's fair to say that those brewers playing in the realm of barrel-ageing, blending and funky mixed-ferments remains a niche even within the local craft beer scene. And also that said brewers tend to share an affinity for each other's oeuvre.

Certainly that's the case with the teams behind Molly Rose and Black Arts, two Melbourne-based producers of beers that often veer well into territory marked esoteric who've worked together frequently in the past.

And now they're consummating their relationship as Molly Rose hand over one of the taps at their Collingwood brewpub to the tiny operation from Williamstown, giving them a permanent presence in the heart of one of the city's brewing hotspots.

They're making a bit of an occasion of its launch too – nothing too dramatic, but rather lovely sounding regardless.

Molly Rose founder Nic Sandery and Black Arts main man Joshua Murnane will be at the Wellington Street venue from 5pm to 7pm on July 7 and each has selected three special bottles they're particularly fond of to serve by the glass.

They tell us they also "put their heads together, ate a bunch of cheese, and came up with a flight of cheese and beer pairings."

How nice!

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