Events Bowden Brewing Turn One

Bowden Brewing Turn One
12pm 9 Jul, 2022

You always remember your first year in business. You know, the one with the pandemics, the existential climate crisis, culture wars, and looming recession. Heck, if you make it through all that, you deserve a bloody beer and a party.

And you know what, Bowden Brewing are having both – and you're invited.

Join them on July 9 as they unleash a quite spectacular sounding birthday beer – an ice-creamy, fairy bread-ish, coffeelicious, syrupy imperial stout called Cake My Day. 

Doors will open at midday, kicking off a whole day of live music, fresh tacos and tasty, tasty beer. 

Nice one, Bowden!

Bentspoke Cluster 8- D
FB Propak B


Bentspoke Cluster 8- C
Notting Hill- B
Bright bottom