Events 1989 Arcade Bar Turns Six

1989 Arcade Bar Turns Six
5pm 6 Aug, 2022

Given COVID robbed them of the chance to celebrate their fifth birthday with friends, the crew at 1989 Arcade Bar are really turning it on for their sixth birthday. And by turning it on, what we really mean is turning all their machines to that most magical of settings: "Free Play!"

Yes, head into the legendary Newtown bar on the evening of August 6 and you'll enjoy as many games as you can handle as their way of saying "Thank you" to everyone that's supported them over the years (especially the tough recent ones...). 

If you can pry your hands away from the joysticks, you'll be able to enjoy the usual range of top beers, a cocktail special, and a delicious piece of birthday cake.

Bentspoke Cluster 8- D
Notting Hill- B


Bentspoke Cluster 8- C
FB Propak B
Bendigo bottom