Weekend Of Darkness 2022 at The Scratch

Fri 19 Aug

Weekend Of Darkness 2022 at The Scratch

Plenty of places celebrate dark beer during winter. Few do it quite like The Scratch

Their annual Weekend Of Darkness is now in its tenth year, and seemingly getting stranger with every one. 

This year's oeuvre is set to take place from August 19 to 21 and it concerns "Lights in the sky, mysterious signals on classified frequency bands, unexplained disappearances, passages of missing time," and "strange, complex shapes appearing overnight in cornfields."

What that might mean to you is rather open to interpretation, but what's clear is they'll have a spectacular lineup of stouts, porters and assorted dark beers that will be pouring throughout the weekend, beginning on the Friday and rotating through five sessions. This ultimately culminates in the (in)famous "Dregsfest" which will see the best of what's left pouring on the Sunday.


It's a non-ticked event, but is rather popular so getting in early is advisable. 

See you on the dark side. 

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