Dark Night at The Kensington Hotel

Fri 19 Aug 7:00pm

Dark Night at The Kensington Hotel

There's an intersection in Adelaide where dark and old beer meets and the smell of warm pie drifts through the air. If you find yourself there, it's likely you're at The Kensington Hotel for the eighth edition of their Dark Night.

The event is designed as a celebration of the joy that is dark beer, specifically those brewed in South Australia. 

This year they'll be blowing the cobwebs (probably quite literally) off an old keg of Coopers Stout that they've had tucked away in the cellar and busting it out alongside some well-loved and newer names in the local scene. Here's what they've got in store to pour:

  • Coopers - (Aged) Stout
  • Ministry of Beer - Milk Stout
  • Mismatch - Dark Ale
  • SixTwelve - Lanky Stout
  • Pirate Life - Raspberry Lamington
  • Shifty Lizard - Black IIPA

For the first time in the event's history, they'll also have a brewer there in person – in this case Brad Reid from SixTwelve – to talk through everything you'd want to know about beer, light or dark.

And to top it all off, The Kensi's head chef will be cooking up a chunky steak stout pie. 

A $60 ticket gets you one of each of the beers, plus a pie. Yum. 

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