Events One Drop Showcase at Preachers

One Drop Showcase at Preachers
5pm 25 Nov, 2022

As anyone living in Tasmania will tell you, the place has a lot going for it. What it doesn't typically have, though, is a lot of beer from One Drop

[Deep narrator's voice] Until now...

Head brewer Nick Calder-Scholes is heading south – waaaaay south – for the very first time and, being the generous sort, he's bringing 14 different One Drop beers with him.

That constitutes, quite easily, the biggest One Drop showcase ever to take place on the Apple Isle, and all of them will be tapped on November 25 at the magnificent Preachers bar in Hobart. 

So there you go Tasmania: here's your chance for a taste of what all the fuss is about. 

Kaiju Pleazure Kruze- D
FB Propak B


S&W Pac Ale -C
FB Propak B
Goat Blood Orange
Grain and Grape