Events Beer Blokes Oktoberfest Dinner

Beer Blokes Oktoberfest Dinner
7pm 15 Oct, 2010
Anyone who regularly attends beery events in and around Melbourne will probably have chanced upon Prof Pilsner, author of the [Beer Blokes]( blog, first Crafty Pint [Blogger of the Month](/features/post/blog-of-the-month-beer-blokes/) and host of the regular Beer Blokes beer dinners at the Courthouse Restaurant, in Berwick. With it being October an' all, his next dinner will be a German-themed affair. According to the man himself, it will feature "five sumptuous courses, including dessert, matched up with five beers in either a German traditional style, or a lovely Australian beer brewed in a traditional German style". The beers are chosen and the menu is almost finalised (he's still trying to perfect the Bratwurst Ice Cream) and he's hoping to bring along a special guest for the evening. The Beer Blokes dinners have been running for years now, bringing the wonders of food and beer pairing to the denizens of outer Melbourne, and are evenings free of pretense - just good beer, good food, good humour and the chance to learn a little about beer in a relaxed atmosphere. Tickets are $55 - $50 for Courthouse Restaurant Beer Listers. It's 7pm for a 7.30pm start with a few 'specials' in stock (among the restaurant's 80-plus beers) at special celebratory prices, according to the Prof. For newcomers, the [Courthouse Restaurant]( is at 1 Gloucester Ave, Berwick.
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