Events Inflammable Material at Platinum Liquor

Inflammable Material at Platinum Liquor
8:30pm 22 Oct, 2013
Trying to explain exactly what this event at Sydney's Platinum Liquor involves would be somewhat of an attempt to describe the indescribable. Perhaps that part is best left to the warning on the event website, which goes as follows... *WARNING: This tasting event is not for everybody.* *Not for the timid, not for the faint of heart or the closed of mind. This may or may not be like any beer tasting you have been to before, beer wise, thought wise, food wise, music wise. All you have to do is turn up happy, hungry, thirsty and your mind wide open for absorbability, contribution, seriousness and nonchalance all at once.* Now if that's doesn't intrigue you, then, well, perhaps you should heed the warning. For everyone else, it may be one of the most interesting beer events you get to all year. In its most basic form, it's a beer + food + music matching event. And there will indeed be some incredible beers and amazing food (the menu of which can be read [here]( But that title wouldn't do it justice at all because it doesn't evoke the the personality, emotion, mind and sensory experience you'll get. If you want a more in-depth description of what to expect - or to book a spot - head to the [Platinum Liquor website]( Tickets are $70 which includes the five courses of food and beer, music and conversation. Note, though, that there ONLY 10 TICKETS for this event, so get in very, very quickly.
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