Crafty Curates at Tassie Beer Lovers Week

Fri 15 Nov 4:00pm

Crafty Curates at Tassie Beer Lovers Week
The lengths we go to in order when taking over a venue's taps... When we sent Andrew from [Tattersalls Beer & Food Hall](/beer/bar/tattersalls-beer-food-hall/) a list of beers from the six states we'd like to see on tap for Crafty Curates and in bottle for our [Blind Tasting]( event during Hobart's inaugural Beer Lovers Week, we figured that would be that. But it turns out getting hold of a wide range of Aussie beers in Tassie ain't that easy. Still, dozens of phones calls, hundreds of emails and much shuffling later, we were almost there. Almost... Yet it still took a South Australian brewer driving an hour to a courier depot with a case of beer and two Victorian beer reps making a last minute rendezvous to sneak an extra keg and a firkin onto a Ute heading aboard the Spirit of Tasmania to complete the list. But here it is, a colourful (almost complete) selection of beers from top Aussie brewers old and new from the six states, from lager and sour through hops (lots of hops) to the dark stuff. Here's what we have lined up: * Edge Cool Hops Lager (VIC) * [Bacchus Brewing](/beer/brewery/bacchus-brewing/) Atomic Strawberry Berliner Weisse (QLD) * [Feral](/beer/brewery/feral-wa/) Sly Fox Summer Ale (WA) * [Murray's](/beer/brewery/murray-s-nsw/) Libertine Farmhouse Ale (NSW) * Ironhouse Impale Ale (TAS) * [4 Pines](/beer/brewery/4-pines-nsw/) Pale Ale (NSW) * Bacchus Zythos IPA (QLD) * Feral Hop Hog IPA (WA) * Feral White Hog White IPA (WA) * Murray's Shawn's Fault Black IPA (NSW) * [IronHouse](beer/brewery/IronHouse/) Honey Porter (TAS) * [Mornington Peninsula Brewery](/beer/brewery/mornington-peninsula-brewery/) Russian Imperial Stout (VIC) * Mystery dry-hopped Firkin from [White Rabbit](/beer/brewery/white-rabbit/) You can also join us for a Pint of Origin Blind Tasting on Friday - meet brewers from Mountain Goat, 3 Ravens and Bacchus while blind tasting pales from each Aussie state against some international classics to see who comes out on top. Just $30pp - tix [here](

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