Events La Sirène Tap Takeover at Royal Albert Hotel

La Sirène Tap Takeover at Royal Albert Hotel
12pm 3 Mar, 2016

In the realms of growing reputations, few other Aussie brewers wear the label of ‘one to watch’ as well as La Sirène.

They already have a considerable following, built up slowly over the past few years as a saison specialist and helped no end by the success of the the GABS-conquering Praline Belgian dark ale, but future plans – including a lot of barrels and plans to build on the release of their first 100 percent spontaneously fermented beer – will no doubt see interest ratchet up another notch or two with beer lovers both at home and abroad.

All of which makes it a rather fine time to take a look at their current catalogue, something you’ll be able to do at the Royal Albert Hotel on Thursday March 3 when the Surry Hills pub pours the following eight La Sirène beers:

  • Saisonette
  • Saison Nouveau
  • Belle French
  • Florette
  • Petit Sour
  • Le Garagiste
  • Farmhouse Red
  • Praline

The taps will start to get locked and loaded from around midday.

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