Events BrewDog Tap Showcase at Bitter Phew

BrewDog Tap Showcase at Bitter Phew
12pm 27 Feb, 2016 to 11:55pm 28 Feb, 2016

There’s arguably no other modern brewery that flies the indie craft beer flag quite the way Scotland’s BrewDog does.

From the ridiculous to the sublime in terms of both the beer they brew and the way they grab headlines, over the past eight years BrewDog has grown considerably from a tiny producer into a genuinely global name: the tiny two man and a dog operation has become a mini-empire with hundreds of shareholders and 44 bars in ten different countries.

But at the heart of it all is the beer.

From their flagship Punk IPA to any of the 65 different beers they brewed in 2015, they’ve always tried to ensure that whatever they make stands up to the hype. The team at Bitter Phew will be putting it all to the test on the weekend of February 27–28 as they host a BrewDog Tap Showcase featuring a whole range of the Scottish brewer’s beers.

The tap list remains a tentative one until the kegs are actually delivered to the cool room, but all things going to plan you should see this on the board:

  • Tokyo
  • Lizard Bride
  • Spiced Sour Cherry
  • Punk
  • Libertine
  • 5am Saint
  • #mashtag
  • Dogma
  • Dog D

The showcase kicks off at midday on the Saturday and goes right through to midnight on Sunday.

Feral Tropical Disco Sour
FB Propak B


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FB Propak B
Goat Cherry
Fermentis F