Events Hepburn & Hops Part 1

Hepburn & Hops Part 1
7pm 28 Apr, 2016 to 4pm 6 Mar, 2016

With all the focus on hops, malt and yeast in beer, the poor old fourth ingredient in beer, water, often gets forgotten about. But it's one heck of an important ingredient and the Daylesford & Hepburn Mineral Springs Co. is putting the focus back on it by inviting local brewers to create a beer using the Daylesford mineral water the business has been built upon. 

On Thursday April 28 you can come along to Ladro TAP in Prahran to try beer brewed by:

The three beers will be served up with six courses of Italian fare, with the produce sourced from the Daylesford region in a true celebration of local beer and food. 

You can grab a ticket or two here.

Feral Tropical Disco Sour
FB Propak B


Cuppa C
FB Propak B
Goat Cherry
Fermentis F