Events Welcome to the Funk: Volume 1

Welcome to the Funk: Volume 1
3pm 15 Feb, 2016 to 10pm 28 Feb, 2016

In honour of the rising desire for a bit of funk in drinkers' glasses across Australia, The Alehouse Project has lined up its first two week festival.
Welcome to the Funk will be showcasing the full spectrum of farmhouse style, sour and wheat beers with the usual Alehouse special event one-offs and official beer launches along the way.

Over the fortnight, there will be 24 breweries showcasing 24 beers across four different six tap lineups, starting Monday, February 15.

The Lineup:

  • 3 Ravens Brewery "Wild Wild Wit" Spiced Spontaneous Solera Session Sour
  • 7 cent Brewery "2016 Buzz Killington" Berliner Weisse
  • Almanac Beer Co Barrel Aged Sour Showcase
  • Bad Shepherd Brewing Co. "Raspberry Wheat Ale"
  • Barrow Boys Brewing "Red Sky Wheat" Dunkelweizen
  • Black Dog Brewery "Brambleberry Saison"
  • Boatrocker Brewing Co. "Acid Wash" Blended Sour
  • BrewCult "Rouille" Red Saison w/ Orange Peel & Coriander Seed
  • Bridge Road Brewers "Chevalier Brettanoflower Saison" Elderflower Saison w/ Brettanomyces aged in French Oak for 15 months
  • Croft Brewing Company "The Crofter" American Berliner Wit
  • Holgate Brewhouse "Mad World" Farmhouse Saison
  • Homestead Brewery "The Hail Mary" Oak Fermented Imperial Belgian Golden Ale - The Last Keg !
  • La Sirène Brewing "Bière Agrumes" Belgian Style Orange Sour
  • New England Brewing Company "Priscilla" Desert Lime Gose
  • Newstead Brewing Co. + Croft Brewing Company "Requiem for a Dream" Oatmeal Sour
  • Newstead Brewing Co. + Croft Brewing Company "Naked Lunch" Mango Golden Sour
  • Pact Beer Co + Wig & Pen Tavern & Brewery "The Monkey Drummer" Blackberry Rye Ale
  • Panhead Custom Ales "Trekken" Farmhouse Saison
  • Red Duck Brewery "Amon-RA" Egyptian Tart Bread Beer
  • Two Birds Brewing "Peachy Keen" Peach & Hibiscus Sour"
  • Two Metre Tall "Derwent" Spelt Ale
  • Van Dieman Brewing "Summer Berry Grisette"
  • Wayward Brewing Company "Sourpuss" Raspberry Berliner Weisse
  • Wolf of the Willows Brewing "Paradisi" Grapefruit Sour Saison

Time to get your funk – and maybe your pucker – on, kids.

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