Events Craft Showdown Series at The Terminus: The Victorian Pale Off

Craft Showdown Series at The Terminus: The Victorian Pale Off
12pm 5 Mar, 2016

For some they’re looked at as nothing but gateway beers. For others they’re the window into a wonderful new world of flavour. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s no doubt that pale ales are pretty damn big in the Aussie craft beer world. So here’s an interesting opportunity to try a whole bunch of them, more or less side by side, and figure out for yourself which are the best local versions going around. 

On Saturday March 5, ten Victorian brewers will be heading to The Terminus where they’ll stake their claim to brewing the best pale ale in the state. Each will have a station set up in the beer garden where they'll be pouring their pale and doing their best to convince you why theirs is better than the rest. 

The brewers featuring are: 

You can expect food specials all day, DJs playing late into the evening and some excellent prizes on offer, including a six pack of each pale to take home, a $100 Terminus voucher and heaps of brewery merch. 

Tickets are $20 (plus booking fee) which gets you a taste of all ten pales, plus a handful of tokens so you can revisit your favourites. Book yours here.

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