Events Two Metre Tall Masterclass and Tap Takeover at Carwyn Cellars

Two Metre Tall Masterclass and Tap Takeover at Carwyn Cellars
8:30pm 24 Mar, 2016 to 11pm 27 Mar, 2016

When the team at Carwyn Cellars announced they would be hosting Ashley Huntington from Tasmania's Two Metre Tall for a Masterclass that was a year in the making, they thought it might be popular. So it was, with the event selling out within the first three hours of going on sale. 

Good news if you were one of the many to miss out though: they're putting on TWO extra events. 

They will each feature 13 of 2MT's utterly unique wild/farmhouse/sour creations, cheeses to match and an guided tour of them all by brewer/raconteur Ashley.  

You can make bookings for the two remaining sessions by clicking on the dates below:

If you still don't manage to get a ticket, never fear as all the beers will be pouring as part of a Two Metre Tap Takeover. This will be happening over the Easter weekend, March 26-27 (closed Good Friday). And here's what's on offer: 

  • Cleansing Ale - fresh batch
  • Derwent Aromatic Spelt Ale - fresh batch
  • Forester Farmhouse Amber - fresh batch
  • Forester Farmhouse Amber - aged batch
  • Salty Sea Stout - Last keg at the brewery 
  • Huon Dark Apple Ale - a sneak preview at the 5 year old ale on its way to becoming the next "A Farmer's Resilience & the Seven Year Itch" release
  • "Respect your Elders" - one-off elderflower sour brewed back in spring for this event
  • Original Soured Ale - 100% spontaneously fermented & keg conditioned ale
  • Wild Plum Ale - first keg to pour outside the farm 
  • "Mystery" - normally brewed for the Farm Bar only 
  • HUON Farmhouse Dry Cider
  • POIRE Farmhouse Dry Pear Cider -  3 years old, previously unreleased
  • Experimental Wild Mulberry Cider

Matilda Bay Hazy Lager D
FB Propak B


GBW 2023 launch C
FB Propak B
Goat Blood Orange
Holgate Mt Macedon Cans- G
Stone & Wood ECL
Bendigo bottom