Events Seven Sheds Hop Pickin' Open Day

Seven Sheds Hop Pickin' Open Day
12pm 12 Mar, 2016 to 4pm 12 Mar, 2016

The annual hop harvest has long been an important and exciting time for brewers, but in recent years it seems to be capturing more attention from the general public as drinkers become more familiar with the ingredients that go into the beer they enjoy, as well as the freshness of said ingredients โ€“ particularly hops. 

And what better opportunity to reinforce that connection than by heading to a brewery with its own hop farm, at harvest time, to participate in a form of hoppy homage. That's what you can do if you find yourself in the vicinity of Railton's Seven Sheds brewery where, on Saturday March 12, they'll be harvesting their Leggit and Fuggle hop varieties (just a small harvest this year, we're told). 

They'll be putting on live music, serving up gourmet sausages and pouring local wines and ciders, as well as their own beers to keep you sated; Paradise pale ale, St Ella IPA and Willie Warmer spiced dark ale plus Razzamatazz raspberry wheat ale by the glass. 

If you fancy setting up camp amongst the bines for a few hours, it's a case of BYO seats or picnic blanket. The invitation is open from midday to 4pm. 

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