Events Wheaty Wet Hop Showcase

Wheaty Wet Hop Showcase
5pm 29 Apr, 2016 to 11pm 1 May, 2016

Get wet at The Wheaty this month as they celebrate the local hop harvest. 

Over the last weekend of April they'll be showcasing a range of wet hopped beers, which is to say those made with hops picked fresh off the bine and sent immediately to breweries, as opposed to the dried pellets most commonly used by brewers. 

The Wheaty Brewing Corps has knocked up a couple of Harvest Ale variants but they also put the call out to other local brewers who wanted to throw their fresh hop beers in the ring. What it will mean is the following beers on tap:

  • Samoyed Hop Harvest Pale
  • Mismatch Fresh Hop Cider
  • Wheaty Brewing Corps Green Team Australia IPA
  • Wheaty Brewing Corps Vienna Pale Ale
  • Bridge Road Harvest Ale
  • Bridge Road Dark Harvest

The beers will be hitting the taps from 5pm on Friday April 29 and will be on for the whole weekend, or as long as they last. 

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