Crafty Cabal Update – 26.05.17

by Crafty Pint Today

With the last of the 70-odd people we're sending to GABS for free preparing to hit the Dome in Sydney, time to reveal the latest events, offers and prizes we've got lined up for Crafty Pint supporters around Oz.

Brew & A: Mornington's Barrel Man

by Crafty Pint May 23rd, 2017

Earlier this month, Mornington Peninsula Brewery released the first beer from its barrel program, the luscious Old Pumping Station. Overseeing the program is young brewer Kristian Martin. Here, we find out more about him.

The Big Issue: Weird Beers

by Crafty Pint May 19th, 2017

It's that time of year when more new beers hit the market than at any other thanks in part to GABS. A good percentage will be highly experimental or outright odd, with the oddest tending to gain the most media hype. But is all news good news?

Cocktails On Tap

by Will Ziebell May 17th, 2017

Good Beer Week 2017 has seen a small army of American breweries travel to Melbourne. And it's not just owners, brewers and barrel program managers who've come. Cocktail guru Jacob Grier has visited as part of the retinue from Portland.

Aussie Exports: From Melbourne To Tallinn

by Crafty Pint May 15th, 2017

During Good Beer Week in 2016, if you called in to the Canadian Pint of Origin venue, you may well have been served by Rob Dooley. A year later, he's working for a brewery in Estonia after following his girlfriend when she headed home.

Who Brews Shifty Lizard Beers?

by Matt King May 15th, 2017

With his surname already ubiquitous in the craft beer world, Lee Stone had to find an alternative. He came up with Shifty Lizard and has since launched his first two beers following a successful Pozible campaign.

Events Wrap – 12.05.17

by Nick O May 12th, 2017

Good Beer Week will be dominating proceedings for many beer lovers over the next week or so. But there's plenty of action taking place elsewhere too, including some events in other cities taking advantage of international guests on their way to and from Melbourne.

Crafty Cabal Update – 05.05.17

by Crafty Pint May 5th, 2017

What with the long weekends, the Crafty relaunch and all manner of other distractions, it's been a while since our last update on all the goodies we've got for our supporters. Which means there's plenty to tell you about...

Aussie Beer Blogs: Little Hop Beers

by Crafty Pint May 3rd, 2017

The title of this article may be a little misleading as the latest person to appear in our featured beer blogs series isn't an Aussie. Hannah Louise Grugel is a Brit who started writing about beer in the UK and has continued since landing in Sydney last year.


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