Start A Brewery In Victoria's High Country

Start A Brewery In Victoria's High Country

Job posted December 16, 2019

This posting is more than 1 year old

The High Country is one of the most regions of Australia, home to many breweries and hop farms too.

If you're looking to join the brewery trail there, a developer is seeking expressions of interest to create a brewery on a vacant site.


Located at the “Gateway to the Alps” in North East Victoria.

We are seeking Expression Of Interest for brewing companies to locate their premises on a commercial parcel of prime real estate in a tourist region of North East Victoria. 

The site is 1,694m² commercial vacant land and situated on the “Murray to the Mountains Rail Trail” in which a developer proposes to build and lease back a purpose built brewing facility and venue. 

Inform the design of your own customised brewery and venue with no capital outlay. 

Capitalise on the strong tourism market of the Victorian Alpine Region. 

For all enquiries, please email or visit to register your interest.

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