Dainton Are Hiring A Head Brewer

Dainton Are Hiring A Head Brewer

Job posted March 16, 2020

This posting is more than 6 months old

Dainton have become one of the foremost examples of a brewery aiming to satisfy the desire for new, new, new, releasing new beers every week. 

As they prepare to upgrade and expand, the double Indies champs are hiring a head brewer.


At Dainton Brewery, we believe in freedom of choice. That everyone has the right to stand apart and be themselves. We craft innovative beer for those that choose their own path. 

We are in the process of dramatically ramping up our production to meet increasing demand. We are looking for an experienced head brewer to help us scale-up production. 

The ideal candidate will have significant experience at a large brewing facility whilst at the ability and knowledge of how to brew on a smaller system. We are running a 3000L 3-Vessel system and looking to upgrade to a semi-automated 4-vessel system to take us to the next stage of production. Therefore anyone with experience in system upgrades will be looked upon favourably. 

As the new brewery systems are installed the role will evolve into production management, process systemization and quality assurance and control.

The company is quickly expanding and already has a passionate and friendly team of wonderful people. Having great interpersonal skills and communication will also be a benefit as well as a positive outlook on work and life. 

Key Deliverables

  • Developing, motivating and managing the production team and performing regular reviews
  • Production scheduling to ensure the delivery of product on time and in line with agreed costs
  • Develop and oversee implementation of processes relating to wort production, cellaring and packaging.
  • Work with the directors to create and manage plans to increase annual output in line with agreed sales forecasts.
  • Responsible for ensuring compliance with relevant industry legislation and food quality/safety standards.
  • Maintain record keeping and quality control to a high standard
  • Negotiation of raw material contracts and ordering of raw materials necessary to fulfil schedule.
  • Work with the sales team and logistics to ensure availability and delivery of core products
  • Manage the delivery of an innovative range of specials to a pre-agreed calendar and to appropriate costings.
  • Manage quality and quality processes to maintain our excellent standard of product.
  • Continuously research new methods, processes and materials to improve quality and deliver progressive products.
  • Take the lead in acquiring and implementing new equipment to improve quality and efficiencies.
  • Manage the maintenance of all brewing equipment to ensure it is fully functional at all times
  • Represent Dainton Brewery at selected industry events as a brand ambassador.
  • Foster relationships with other breweries and artisanal producers

Who we are looking for:

  • 5+ years experience in brewing with a large brewery
  • Previous experience in managing a team
  • Ideally a relevant technical degree (e.g. engineering, brewing)
  • Proficient MS Office skills – Excel, Word
  • Analytical capabilities
  • Fantastic communication skills
  • Project Management experience
  • The adaptability to problem solve
  • Passion for the brewing industry

What you get:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Free beer

To apply, please email jobs@dainton.beer.

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