Brew & Distil For Tar Barrel

Brew & Distil For Tar Barrel

Job posted October 30, 2020

Tar Barrel Brewery & Distillery are based in the original home of Mornington Peninsula Brewery and is led by the brewery's founder Matt Bebe and original head brewer Andrew Gow. You can read the brewery's story here.

If you want to join the brewery and distillery at an entry-level role, they're hiring.


Tar Brewery & Distillery has seen Matt Bebe and Andrew Gow reunite to continue producing award winning craft beers at 72 Watt Road Mornington, the original home of Mornington Peninsula Brewery. And now with the introduction of a whiskey and gin distillery it has widened their ability to offer more crafted taste experiences. 

This entry-level role will be reporting directly to our head brewer, is a full-time position in a great location you'll be surrounded by great people.

As a new business, this job offers you the chance to get in on the ground floor and grow with us. 


  • Cleaning tanks/still, cleaning floors, cleaning outside of tanks. Cleaning is a large and critical part brewing.
  • Cleaning and filling kegs
  • All tasks involved with canning beer and bottling spirits
  • Basic tasks involved in the brewing process, including:
    1. Milling: lifting bags of malt into mill
    2. Spent grain: removing all spent grain from mash tun.
  • All tasks involved in the distilling process, including
    1.  Operating the still
    2.  Monitoring key alcohol, temperature & pressure points
    3.  Barrel filling and maintenance
    4.  Record keeping
  •  Monitoring key alcohol, temperature & pressure points
    1. Barrel filling and maintenance
    2. Record keeping
  • Ability to accurately follow SOP’s and understanding of specific beer process terminologies.
  • Operate both manual and computer automated equipment while maintaining quality standards.
  • Monitoring of individual batches and fermentation of individual tanks of beer.
  • Must be able to work hands-on at assisting each unit of operation as necessary.
  • Follows environmental and safety regulations and acts in compliance with WH&S laws and accepted business ethics.
  • Must be able and willing to work a variable shift schedule that is dependent upon the operational needs of the brewery.
  • Other duties as required.

Training will be provided in all areas.

Please send a cover letter & resume through to Matt Bebe at

Close of application date is November 13, 2020.


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