Meheen Bottling Line For Sale

Meheen Bottling Line For Sale

Job posted January 24, 2022

This posting is more than 6 months old

Tasmania's family-run Morrison Brewery have recently made the switch to cans and as a result, they have a bottling line for sale.  

For Sale: 2015 Meheen Merlin M6 R Series

Equipment details: 

  • 6 head counter-pressure bottling line
  • Currently set up for 330ml long neck glass bottles (Cospak AG118ACS24, Plasdene AC-330-278)
  • Great condition, lightly used, regularly serviced
  • Has run 400,000 bottles
  • 2 x 24 bottle grabber plates
  • Many spare parts including spare rinser pump, fill tubes, pneumatic fittings etc
  • Consistently runs 26 bottles per minute on two stage pre-evac, 30+ per minute on single stage.

Our asking price is $25,000 and we will freight it on a pallet anywhere.

For enquiries or further details, please contact Paul on 0427 822 684.

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