Bendigo's Flight Bar Is For Sale

Bendigo's Flight Bar Is For Sale

Job posted July 20, 2021

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Flight Bar & Bottleshop was started in 2016 by a couple of Bendigo locals who wanted to bring better beer and delicious fried chicken to their community. 

With the founders now also running Hustler and needing to focus their energy on that business, they're looking to sell Flight. 

For Sale: Flight Bar & Bottleshop

Some like it mild and some like it Nashville hot, but everyone LOVES their chicken! Flight Bar & Bottleshop (or just Flight as it is known by the locals) is so much more than just a fried chicken shop that sells beer. Since opening the doors in 2016, Flight has grown a cult-like following that has kept customers flocking back for more.

Flight offers an extensive ever-changing menu to suit any mood. Friday night drinks? Fried food on a Sunday? Quick working lunch? Flight has you covered.

You would be forgiven for thinking that a "chicken and beer joint" only does chicken and beer. Flight is so much more. Vegetarian popcorn cauliflower and 'shroom burgers that could convert the most hardcore carnivore. Housemade hot sauces that taste so good they might just be worth the pain. Pickles that make you realise you actually like pickles, you've just never had a good one.

The restaurant is located in one of Bendigo's premier food districts in Lyttleton Terrace. This is a CBD location that is hard to beat as it is surrounded by many local businesses and has ample parking to accommodate restaurant goers, takeaway pickups and UberEats drivers.

Don't think that you'll be going this new venture alone. The business currently employs five experienced staff (two contracted and three casual) that know the ropes and have been taught the secret ways of delicious food and beer appreciation. Currently dealing to Bendigo's southern fried food addicts Wednesday - Sunday, there is scope to increase the operating days for further potential growth.

While a restaurant is about creating and offering good food and drinks, it is really about the people that come through the door. This is a business that has built strong relationships with not just food and beer lovers of Bendigo but has created a relationship with the community.

If you haven't had the privilege of sampling their goods, see what others have to say...

"The first bite. There are no words. The crunch. The flavour. The bliss. Surely this is a gift from God"

"They say on the seventh day God rested, but on the eighth he must have made this chicken"

"One day soon, I hope man and food relationships become more socially accepted because I would marry this food."

With addicts and devoted locals (most know them as customers) like these contributing to an annual turnover of over $500k per annum, can you afford not to buy this business?

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