Join The Sales Team At Benefecial Beer Co

Join The Sales Team At Benefecial Beer Co

Job posted June 21, 2022

This posting is more than 6 months old

Beneficial Beer Co are a brewing company dedicated to making alcohol-free beer.

If you'd like to help get those non-alcs into the hands of drinkers, they want to hear from you. 

Job Description: Sales Representative / Manager - FMCG Non-Alcoholic Beer

You want to work how you want to work – that’s fine!

You want to use the skills you know work best for you – great, we respect that. 

You simply want to hit those targets each month and get your just desert – that’s up to you.  

You’ve been with the usual suspects and it’s time for change – tell us why? 

You want to get skin in the game that results in real equity in the business you are building a sales pipe for – that’s a better incentive than most. 

You want the benefits of your hard work and can open up different doors – let’s set those targets with you. 

You’ve been around craft breweries for a few years or decades and you’re up for an exciting new challenge – experience is valued and that’s what you’ll bring. 

Like us, we want you to be brewed for Human Kind. 

Flipping the cart upside down on the non-alcoholic beer sector in Australia with our unique patented technology, Beneficial Beer Co has come out of the block winning an international medal for our first ever brew – in 3 months. No wonder, our Head Brewer is Bruce Peachey! With a great product, and a large bank account from recent capital raise we want a great person to go even further.

If you are looking for a career with benefits? We are what it says on the can – Beneficial.

Get yourself an interview with our Founder Dave on 0402071120 - or email and expect an immediate call!

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