Sales Rep Wanted for Bridge Road Brewers

Sales Rep Wanted for Bridge Road Brewers

They brew one of the broadest ranges in Australia, are pioneers when it comes to Aussie hops, and are about to start selling their beers in California.

They're also looking for a sales rep to join the team. Although, sadly, not in California.


Join the team at Bridge Road Brewers in God's country to assist in growing the brand throughout North East Victoria and the High Country.

The position at its most basic level is for a sales representative. We're generally opposed to dressing it up and calling it a brand ambassador, Lupulin Lover, Lord of Beer or Craft Beer Advocate, although these titles probably speak more about what the role would entail.

Bridge Road seeks an applicant who can boost our on the ground representation in our own region, Victoria's High Country.

A successful applicant would be expected to reside either in or within close proximity to Beechworth.

For further info including position description please email

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