Sell Young Henrys Beer In Melbourne

Sell Young Henrys Beer In Melbourne

Job posted November 4, 2020

This posting is more than 6 months old

Young Henrys might be based in Sydney's inner west but their beers are available widely across Australia. 

If you're interested in helping them sell their beer, they're hiring in both Melbourne and Sydney. To find out more about the Sydney role, head here and to find out more about the position in Melbourne, read on. 


Young Henrys is looking for a lovely Melbourne local to become our next Purveyor of Beer, Cider and Spirits. To be a winner in this role you must...

Be passionate about quality booze. Your job is to educate others and get them pumped on what we make - beer, cider and spirits. Knowledge of these products is super important.

Know the industry. We can guide you on selling YH the YH way, but the more you know about the scene, the better chance you'll have of success.

Be keen to get stuck in. This role is not a standard M-F 9-5. Most of your work will fall during the traditional working week, but in addition you'll be expected to get on the cans with punters from time to time. We pride ourselves on being able to create good times with good beers, so an aptitude for events would be excellent.

Be able to run your own race. You need to be self-sufficient, self-motivating and able to use your initiative. We want your knowledge of your area to guide us on the best way to make Melbourne a YH heartland. We’ll back you to the hilt, but it’ll 100% be what you make of it. Local knowledge is such a bonus in this role, and even better is having a bunch of contacts that will soon open doors and become your customers. 

Have a current driver's licence. This job requires lots of driving so you must be pretty handy behind the wheel.

Sales experience is NOT mandatory but a great attitude and enthusiasm for meeting heaps of lovely people is. We are happy to show you the ropes of what it takes to be a killer booze purveyor for Young Henrys, and a positive outlook and friendly manner will take you far.

If you're keen to chat more, please shoot your details to ASAP.  

Applications close November 16, 2020.


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