Brew For Moo Brew

Brew For Moo Brew

Job posted March 29, 2021

This posting is more than 6 months old

Moo Brew is part of the Mona family of businesses started by David Walsh in Tasmania and the brewery is known for making high-quality and award-winning beers.

If you'd like to join the team, Moo is hiring. 

Job Description: Brewer

As an independent craft brewery run by a small and successful team, the Brewer role is integral to support and maintain the production and brewing operations. You will work closely with the Head and Senior Brewers and as a team, you are responsible for the overall production process. You will have opportunities to assist in growing and developing products which are in line with the Moo Brew brand, maintaining high standards and product quality, great tasting beer.

As part of the wider organisation, Moo Brew strives to facilitate a safe, inclusive and respectful working environment, which produces a high quality product, underpinned by sustainable growth and profitability

The Gig:

  • Undertake general brewing processes and operations, from start to finish;
  • Perform all work safely, reporting any risks, hazards or incidents to management;
  • Follow operational directions and procedures as outlined by the Head and Senior Brewers;
  • Maintain and clean equipment and designated work areas, including but not limited to: brewhouse, cellar vessels, valves, pumps, mill, floors, blow off buckets;
  • Adhere to brewing schedules and perform work to production deadlines;
  • Follow recipe specifications, ensuring accuracy for quality control;
  • Complete all necessary documentation, compliance checks, and record-keeping, as required;
  • Assist with cellar duties such as filtering, trub dumps, and yeast management;
  • Packaging and/or kegging using equipment and processes including but not limited to: automated kegger, bottling, and canning lines;
  • Comply with inventory management processes, assisting with orders and receiving goods;
  • Represent the Moo Brew team and brand at events/festivals when necessary, in consultation with the head brewer;
  • Support the wider Moo Brew team with other daily tasks, as required.

The You:

  • Brewing specific qualifications (IBD / Siebel) and /or science degree (desirable);
  • Strong, commercial brewing experience in a similar environment;
  • Understanding and respect for Workplace Health and Safety legislation and safe work practices, particularly in commercial brewery environments;
  • Competent in listening to, and following instructions with high attention to detail;
  • Physically fit, with the ability to safely perform repetitive physical tasks including, but not limited to: lifting, crouching, reaching, pushing, pulling, bending, and standing for long periods of time;
  • Comfortable and experienced in operating in diverse conditions such as extreme heat, loud volume, strong odours, and moving machinery;
  • Positive, cooperative and communicative, with the ability to perform work independently and within a small team;
  • Self-motivated and passionate about learning, innovating, and producing high-quality, consistent products;
  • Available to work flexible days and hours, including early and late start/finish times;
  • Valid, current qualifications including: Forklift license, Confined space permit, Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and driver’s license.

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