Melbourne Brewery For Sale

Melbourne Brewery For Sale

Job posted August 2, 2021

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Bale-Worker Brewery are a small brewery located inside the good beer haunt that is Grape & Grain in Melbourne's southeastern suburbs. 

After five years at the helm, the owners are looking to sell the brewery and here's what you need to know about the system.

For Sale: Complete Brewery 

Complete Brewery for sale – everything required to produce beer. Capable of producing 500L per day as a piggybacked (2x 250L brew) brew in a 10–12-hour session (including prep and clean-up - we also used to keg in this time). Brewery mainly consists of 3 vessel brew stand and 2 jacketed unitanks – details of all fixtures outlined below. Images and inspections upon request ( System located in South East Melbourne – Offers below $49K will not be considered. 


  • Stainless Steel Stand on wheels with put down step.
  • Control box with pot switches, readouts and 5x PID. 
  • 3 vessel system with a Stout Brand 289L HLT (no sight Glass), 300L Stout Brand Mash tun with False bottom, and 289L Stout Brand boil vessel with sight glass and whirlpool port. 
  • 2x LPG Burners, regulator and solenoids (Boil burner binary by pot switch, HLT works on PID and pot switch)
  • 2x 10amp March Pumps (one for water and one for wort)
  • 1x 65w 10amp aux/reticulation pump
  • 1x 15amp rubber impeller transfer pump 
  • 1x HERMs vessel with stainless coil and heating element. Includes thermo well. Used for regulating temperature of the mash.
  • 1x 3600watt RIMS heating unit for boosting HLT or Boil temperature
  • 1x Pair of plate chillers, capable of chilling wort (250L) to <25C from boil during 15-20 min transfer.
  • All sanitary valves, junctions, tri cloves, seals and lines included.


  • 2x 300L capacity triple skinned stainless steel jacketed unitanks (working volume 260-280L)
  • Each tank can hold sufficient pressure to force carbonate or naturally carbonate, then serve from the tank.
  • Conical tank has a top manhole that allows access for cleaning.
  • Includes 2x Glycol chilling units with PID, Chiller, pump and mixing impeller – each in their own housing (currently fitted to a stainless steel) work bench.
  • Includes all fittings, clamps, seals, and sanitary valves.
  • Includes Pressure release valves, rotating racking arm, sampling taps, and CIP spray ball
  • Includes thermocouple and thermowell unit. 

All the other gear:

  • Grain mill to fit on top of mash tun – including driver
  • Scales for weighing out grain and filling kegs by mass
  • Aux pump for CIP and washdown
  • Keg cleaning and sanitising house (manual fill and pressure empty)
  • Keg filling lines and filtering unit housing
  • Keg force carbonating manifold (5-6 kegs at a time)
  • 2x inline sight glasses for filling and transfers
  • CO2 reg for pressurising fermenters,
  • Oxygen reg and triclover fitted stone for oxygenating wort
  • Brewery lab, including gravity spectrometer (Hanna), Bluetooth thermometer and pH meter (Hanna), calibration fluids, pH strips, glass thermometer, manuals. 
  • Approximately 30 Franke S-type slide DIN kegs (like new) – have branding but can be ground off. Includes approx. 20x 50L kegs and 12x 30L kegs. 
  • Stainless steel workbench (houses chillers too).
  • Storage boxes for all dry gear.
  • Various adapters and fittings (triclover, snaplock and household hose). 
  • Variety of food grade lines (silicon) and HDPE gas lines
  • Ample fittings, valves and spares, including but not limited too:
    • Chiller impeller spares
    • Clamps, seals, gaskets, spacers, nuts.
    • Fobs, ball valves and elbows
    • Beer and gas lines

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