Crafty Goes Filming

Crafty Goes Filming

February 18, 2011 by Crafty Pint

When we came up with the idea for The Crafty Pint, the ultimate aim was the promotion of Australian craft beer in all its many forms. Part of achieving that aim has been to provide a means of bringing together everything going on in the craft beer world in one place: brewers, their beers, bars, bottleshops, punters – as we said, everything.

And now, thanks to a happy coincidence, that ambition looks like bringing unexpected benefits. At a meal at Josie Bones last week, the purpose of which was to bring together beer writers and bloggers, we announced an intention to shoot short films for the site, starting at that weekend’s Great Australian Beer SpecTAPular. (We were going to film the making of the Two Hills Maibock but left the battery for the camera at home, being awesomely professional an' all.) Across the table was sat The Wobbly Thong, aka Alister Robbie, an editor and producer with 15 years under his belt. And so the seeds of what will hopefully become a beautiful relationship were sown.

What it means is that, instead of what would in all likelihood have been a rather shoddy Crafty Pint production, we’re able to launch our first foray into the world of short beery films with something really rather swish, into which the only spanners Crafty has been able to throw are an inability to get words out in proper sentences, accidentally poking the mic into view on occasion and forgetting to turn on the mic during one interview.

The first video is a roundup of the first Great Australian Beer SpecTAPular plus the thoughts of a number of the country’s leading brewers on the state of craft beer in Australia. We’ll be putting longer individual interviews on the site over the coming days. Any feedback much appreciated!

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