Beer Angels

Beer Angels

February 23, 2011 by Crafty Pint

We’ve always held an appreciation for beer angels, those mystery creatures who watch out for those who’ve had one too many and guide them miraculously back home at the end of the night (even if sometimes they allow you to fall asleep on the train until you’re in the middle of buggery nowhere). And now it seems there’s a new type of beer angel on the scene, this time dedicated to encouraging members of the fairer sex to get into good beer.

At the end of this month, Barley’s Angels will launch in Sydney (and shortly thereafter in Melbourne) – a group of female beer advocates headed by Beer Diva Kirrily Waldhorn with the mission of holding female-only beer dinners and tastings. It’s a global affair that’s also launching in the States, Canada, the UK and Argentina and has spawned from the Pink Boots Society, which supports women in the brewing industry.

“As the choice has increased the landscape is right to start introducing more women to beer,” says Kirrily. “They are opening up to beer as it becomes more acceptable.”

The launch at The Local Taphouse in Darlinghurst on March 30 will see her showcasing a selection of international and local craft beers paired with a variety of canapes. It kicks off at 7pm with tickets costing $20.50pp.

Teri Fahrendorf, President of Pink Boots Society, says: “Women attending their first Barley’s Angels chapter meeting will enjoy an environment connecting beer, food, beer history, and women’s role in it. They’ll have the opportunity to make connections through Barley’s Angels worldwide communities when travelling, and will enjoy the camaraderie of new female friends over a pint of fine beer.”

It’s all rather exciting for women and beer at the minute. Mountain Goat’s Jayne Lewis had her face splashed on the cover of the City Weekly last week while Crafty’s article on the subject (women and beer, that is, not Jayne appearing on the magazine cover) will be in Epicure next Tuesday in advance of the Victorian Women of Beer event at Thornbury Theatre. Will be sure to see some of you there.

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